Notice of Account Fee Changes

Each year, Luminus Financial reviews our account and service fees to ensure we are providing the best service to our Member-Owners for the lowest possible price. On February 1, 2024, a number of our account fees will be updated to reflect changes in service costs and to keep our credit union competitive.

Why do I pay fees at all?

Part of our commitment as a credit union is to keep fees as low as possible while providing the best service for our members. While we offer several products with low-to-no fees, such as our Inclusive Package there are still some transactions that will be charged. Why is this?

In short, many of the fees are paid directly to external services providers, such as when you withdraw money from an INTERAC ATM machine. Other fees pay for services or transactions that require a staff member to manually process or review them such as printing of statements and in-person transactions.

So, while we continue to work on keeping fees low, there will always be some transactions that result in a fee to our member-owners.

What fees will be changing?

As of February 1, 2024, some transactions will see minor increases while others will decrease such as:

ServiceOld FeeNew Fee
Interac e-Transfer – Sending$1.95$1.00
ATM withdrawals outside Canada$4.75 + Surcharge$5.00 + Surcharge
Canadian/US bank drafts$7.00$10.00

For a full list of upcoming account fee changes, please see our Services Fees page. Have a question? One of our Service Representatives will be happy to assist by calling 905.673.7262.