Airline Financial Credit Union Limited Current Rates Effective December 17, 2020 

AFCU Prime 4.45%

Looking for an opportunity to earn market returns with no risk to your principal?

Introducing our brand new index-linked term deposits, available with RRSP, TFSA & term deposits. An index-linked term gives you the opportunity to earn a rate of return based on the TSX 60. Available for non-redeemable 3 – 5 year terms, your principal is 100% protected, regardless of the amount. If you are interested in this great product, contact us for complete details.

Let Airline Financial help you save, straight from your pay!

To help get you started or continue with your financial goals, start up an auto contribution to a variable RRSP, a variable TFSA or both.


Mortgages**1 Year2 Year3 Year4 Year5 Year
Variable Rate MortgageStarting at 3.95%
Open Rate MortgageStarting at 5.45%
Closed Rate MortgageStarting at 2.79%Starting at 2.99%Starting at 3.19%Starting at 3.29%Starting at 3.39%

Loans & LOC

Lending **Variable Rate
Personal LoanStarting at AFCU Prime
New Car LoanStarting at AFCU Prime
RRSP LoanStarting at AFCU Prime
Overdraft ProtectionStarting at 13.00%
Secured Line of Credit4.45%
Unsecured Line of CreditStarting at 7.00%

Investment Rates

Investments*Variable Rate30 Day60 Day90 Day1 Year2 Year3 Year 4 Year 5 Year
Canadian Term Deposit GIC  — 0.25%0.30%0.75%1.00%1.30%1.50%1.75%2.05%
Index-Linked Canadian Term Deposit GIC  —Index-Linked
US Term Deposit GIC  — 0.05%0.05%0.05%1.00%1.30%1.50%1.75%2.05%
RRSP0.25%— — 0.75%1.00%1.30%1.50%1.75%2.05%
Index-Linked RRSP — — — — — — Index-Linked
— Index-Linked
Index-Linked TFSA — — — — — — Index-Linked
— Index-Linked

Savings Accounts

Savings AccountVariable Rate
Plan 24 Savings with balances below $5,0000.00%
Plan 24 Savings with balances above $5,0000.05%
Supersonic Savings with no minimum balance0.25%
US Plan 24 Savings with balances before $5,0000.00%
US Plan 24 Savings with balances before $5,0000.00%
US Plan 24 Savings with balances above $5,0000.05%

Chequing Accounts

Chequing AccountVariable Rate
PCA with balances below $5,0000.00%
PCA with balances above $5,0000.00%
US PCA with balances below $5,0000.00%
US PCA with balances above $5,0000.00%

Airline Financial Credit Union current prime is 4.45% & is in effect as of August 11, 2020.

Interest rates are subject to change without notice

* Index-Linked products are available for 3 or 5 year non-redeemable terms & are based on the TSX top 60. Contact us for further details
** Rates are based on a full credit application

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